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BitRope Torrents is an advanced p2p file sharing application which nevertheless offers ease of use even for 1st timers. The software was developed for fast and powerful torrent downloading. Users looking to further explore the program’s capabilities are provided with a useful plug-in system.


Convenience is rendered firstly through a very user-friendly interface which gives you instant access to the program’s basic tasks and options.

When running BitRope Torrents you have access to detailed info such as the number of seeders and peers you are connected to, the download speed, ETA and additional options. One of its many handy features is the creation of new tabs for various functions which means that rather than having to find your way among a number of unsorted and crowded windows, you are given a fast way to manage a simply organized tab list that allows you to easily select the info window you need.

BitRope Torrents offers wide-ranging functionality which includes multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems both on torrents and files, start/stop seeding options and comprehensive data about downloads and performance. It also supports an easy-to-work-with embedded tracker.

Another strong point of the software becomes obvious when downloading multiple torrents simultaneously which is done fast and with remarkable simplicity.

BitRope Torrents uses the Java language.


The interface BitRope Torrents offers, lacks gaudy embellishments but focuses instead on simplicity and smartness.

The program shows windows below the main toolbar: there is the top window used for tracking the files you are downloading and the secondary one for showing the files you are seeding.

You can right-click on any file and select ‘Show Details’ to obtain extended information and graphical views related to the download process (for instance, the Swarm tab shows you the group of peers connected to your files). The interface includes ‘My Torrents’, the main tab where you can view basic data such as file-rating, file- status, the title of the file downloading. You can also choose to set the ‘Statistics’ tab if you want to know more about transfers, activities, cache, and the distributed database.


BitRope Torrents Screenshot - Main Window
BitRope Torrents Screenshot - Options - Speed BitRope Torrents Screenshot - Options - Plugins

BitRope Torrents Screenshot - Options - Queue

BitRope Torrents Screenshot - Options - Proxy - Thumbnail

BitRope Torrents offers these key features:

* Multiple torrent downloads;
* User-friendly interface;
* Plug-in capabilities;
* Upload and download speed limit configuration (both globally and per torrent);
* Advanced seeding rules;
* Configurable disk cache;
* One port used for all the torrents;
* Ability to use a proxy, for both tracker and peer communications;
* Ability to create a default download directory and transfer finished files;
* Ability to import torrents automatically from a set directory;
* IRC plugin for quick help;
* Fast resume;
* UPnP sets the forward on your router;
* Embedded tracker;

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